Minecraft's future is bright.

Meet Glowstone. It's open, fast, and compatible.

Glowstone is a completely open-source Minecraft server that doesn't rely on any of Mojang's code - meaning we're free to develop for your needs, and you're free to change it however you want.

The APIs you know and love

Just because Glowstone is original doesn't mean it can't be familiar.
Use or code Bukkit plugins and they'll work natively with Glowstone, and enjoy first-class Bukkit2Sponge support for your Sponge powered plugins.

Simplicity is the mother of performance

Glowstone's simplicity affords it a performance improvement over CraftBukkit and other servers.
By design, our code is simple and doesn't have to jump through hoops to work around the official Minecraft server in order to improve performance or functionality.